Xi Li

Senior International Officer
University of Sussex

Visited HKIEd on 1 April 2016

It has been a pleasure to be visiting your institution! Wish a long term friendship and partnership between us!

Cho Halim

Inbound Exchange Alumni
Korea National University of Education, Korea

Korea Study Abroad Fair, Seoul in March 2015

[ Semester 1, 2013-14 ]

It's been several years since I finished studying in HKIEd, but I still remember the vivid memories that I made with good friends and teachers...

Robyn Lumby & Mark Fraser

Senior Manager & Education School Manager, Lecturer
School of Education
Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Wollongong

Visited HKIEd on 1 April 2016

We look forward to building a stronger partnership in Education...

Dr. Monica Sandlund

Programme Director,
Faculty of Educational Sciences, Dean's Office,
Linköping University, Sweden

Visited HKIEd on 9 Mar 2016

Thank you so much for a most rewarding visit where we have been able to explore further the existing and future collaboration between HKIEd and Linköping University...

Jiyeon Lee

Inbound Exchange Alumni
Visited HKIEd in March 2015

Ewha Womans University

[ Sem 2, 2010-11 & Sem 1, 2011-12 ]

It is really happy to help HKIEd again...

Marco Dahinden

Zurich University of Teacher Education, Switzerland

[ Semester 1, 2015-16 ]

Wow! From A to Z a great experience for sure! Don't hesitate to join HKIEd and explore one of the best cities in the world! Beautiful beaches, pristine hiking opportunities, impressive skyscrapers, tasty food and most of all great people will make this a once in a lifetime experience...

Isabel Vogel

University of Augsburg, Germary

[ Semester 1, 2015-16 ]

I am so happy that I went to Hong Kong! I met so many nice people - including locals and other exchange student. The food is delicious and the weather is just perfect! One thing I also didn't expect is the beautiful nature in Hong Kong...

Short-term Education Related Programme Summer 2015 (video available)

Co-organized by Griffith University and The Hong Kong Institute of Education

[ 28 June – 11 July 2015 ]

Video Available!

Ms. Li Mei Sheung Flora

Sha Tin Wai Dr. Catherine F. Woo Memorial School

Hosting Primary School
for Short-term Education Related Programme Summer 2015

It has been a wonderful experience for our stake holders to join the Australian exchange program...

Khaing Thae Oo

Bachelor of Education (Hons) in English Language (Secondary)

Getting the opportunity to study in Hong Kong has changed my life...

Katie Elizabeth Lindsay

International Teacher Training Programme -
Stranmillis University College, UK

[ Semester 2, 2014-15 ]

We felt incredibly welcome at the Early Childhood Learning Centre and became a part of their family...

Azimov Rustam

Bachelor of Science Education (Hons) in Science and Web Technology

HKIEd provides a wonderful platform for me in acquiring higher standard of knowledge, enhancing my personal skills and...


Inbound Exchange Activity: Farewell Party for International Exchange Students Sem 2, 2015-2016

[ + ]

Colour the School - School Visit!

[ + ]

Embrace the World on Campus Spring Semester programme

[ + ]

Colour the School: Workshop 1

[ + ]

Inbound Exchange Activity: Ocean Park (23 April 2016)

[ + ]

Inbound Exchange Activity: Adventure Training Day Camp

[ + ]

Delegation Visit from University of Sussex, UK

[ + ]

Delegation Visit from University of Wollongong, Australia

[ + ]

Korea Study Abroad Fair 2016, Seoul (25-28 March 2016)

[ + ]

IO: Keimyung University – 2016 Korean Government Scholarship Program (Graduate Program) for International Students

[ + ]

Workshop: Chinese Recitation for Non-Chinese Speakers on 23 March 2016 (Wednesday)

[ + ]

Cultural Showcase (22 March 2016)

[ + ]

Inbound Exchange Activity: Symphony of Lights Harbour Cruise

[ + ]

Delegation Visit from Yogyakarta State University, Indonesia

[ + ]

Delegation Visit from Linköping University, Sweden

[ + ]

Student Exchange Programmes (International) 2016/17 (2nd Recruitment)

[ + ]

Summer Programmes@Partner Institutions 2016
Period: 31 December 2015 – 31 August 2016

[ + ]

"Embrace the World on Campus" Video Competition

[ + ]

Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE) 2016, Melbourne (29 Feb - 3 Mar)

[ + ]

Inbound Exchange Activity: Chinese Valentine's Day

[ + ]

Information Session on International Summer School 2016 of Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

[ + ]

Information Session on Student Exchange Programme at Kristianstad University, Sweden on 17 February 2016

[ + ]

Inbound Exchange Activity: Lunar New Year Celebration & Night Market Walk

[ + ]

Information Session on International Co-ed Summer College 2016 by Ewha Womans University, Korea on 27 January 2016 (Wednesday)

[ + ]

Inbound Exchange Activity: School visit to JCPS

[ + ]


[ + ]

Delegation Visit from Liverpool Hope University, UK

[ + ]

Short-Term Language and Cultural Programme with Yeungnam University, Korea (18-28 Jan 2016)

[ + ]

Join the Short-Term Language and Cultural Programme as Student Ambassadors with Yeungnam University, Korea

[ + ]

STAR Education Fair 2016 (9-10 Jan 2016)

[ + ]

Did You Know?

Our logo forms “IE”, with a gold sun atop the “I” and green leaves representing the five colleges of education that joined together to form HKIEd

We were No.1 for success rate in Humanities and Creative Arts in Hong Kong’s 2013-14 Early Career Scheme grant exercise

HKIEd celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2014, having been founded in 1994 through the merger of five colleges of education

Over 600 of our students were awarded scholarships in 2014, a record high since the founding of HKIEd

We were No.1 for research projects awarded and total awarded amount in Education in Hong Kong’s 2013-14 General Research Fund grant exercise

We were No.1 for research projects awarded and total awarded amount in Psychology and Linguistics in Hong Kong’s 2013-14 Early Career Scheme grant exercise

By 2013-14, HKIEd had signed 250 exchange agreements/collaborations with tertiary institutions worldwide, up from 63 in 2006-07

Our heritage dates back to 1853 when the first formal in-service teacher training programme began

Almost 700 members of HKIEd went on student exchange or undertook overseas experiential learning in 2013-14

We have an on-site kindergarten and primary school, enabling innovation to be put into practice right away

97% of our academic staff hold doctoral qualifications

There is a fascinating museum on campus – The Hong Kong Museum of Education

HKIEd received the first UNESCO Chair in Education in Hong Kong, focused on the fields of Technical and Vocational Education and Training and Lifelong Learning

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