About CGC

The Centre for Governance and Citizenship (CGC) is an Institute-level research centre of the Hong Kong Institute of Education. The Centre is committed to conducting interdisciplinary scholarly research and facilitating public discourse on governance issues and citizenship studies, including citizenship education. It is dedicated to creating an active research platform whereby the themes of Governance and Citizenship can be brought together within an interactive and mutually reinforcing framework to pioneer a new research agenda that contributes towards theory building in "Governance and Citizenship" as a holistic concept.


In December 2008, Dr Tam Wah Ching has generously donated HK$2.5 million to the Hong Kong Institute of Education in the form of  "Wah Ching Education and Research Development Fund", to support activities of the Centre.


The Centre promotes interdisciplinary dialogue; facilitates intellectual debate and public discourse; and builds regional and international research networks. It aims to contribute towards quality academic output, to be disseminated both locally and internationally, via academic and curriculum publications, as well as the public media. Its research outputs help to inform curriculum and pedagogy design and thus learning improvements in schools. The Centre is active in developing partnership with other research bodies, the education community, and civil society organizations. 


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