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The Hong Kong Institute of Education
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June 1992 The Education Commission in its Fifth Report recommended the amalgamation of Northcote College of Education (1939), Grantham College of Education (1951), Sir Robert Black College of Education (1960), Hong Kong Technical Teachers’ College (1974) and the Institute of Language in Education (1982) to become an autonomous Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd).
February 1993 HKIEd’s Provisional Governing Council chaired by Mr Simon Ip Sik-on was set up
January 1994 Professor Leung Chi-keung was appointed the first Director of the HKIEd
April 1994 HKIEd was formally established by legislation on 25 April
May 1994 Mr Simon Ip Sik-on was appointed Chairman of the governing Council
July 1996 HKIEd came under the aegis of the University Grants Committee
September 1997 Professor Ruth Hayhoe was appointed as the HKIEd’s second Director
October 1997 HKIEd moved into its Tai Po campus
September 1998

HKIEd launched its first degree and postgraduate programmes:-

  • 4-year full-time Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) Programme
  • 2-year part-time Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Primary) Programme
September 1999 HKIEd launched its first 3-year mixed-mode Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Early Childhood Education) Programme
September 2000 HKIEd launched a 4-year full-time Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Secondary) Programme

HKIEd launched its first collaborative degree programme with other tertiary education institution:- 4-year full-time Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Mathematics and IT Education) Programme with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
October 2000 The HKIEd Town Centre located at Tai Kok Tsui started operation
February 2001 The HKIEd Sports Centre located at Pak Shek Kok officially opened
September 2001 HKIEd launched a 4-year full-time Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Languages) Programme

The HKIEd HSBC Early Childhood Learning Centre admitted its first batch of students

November 2001 HKIEd conferred its first Honorary Doctorates
April 2002 Professor Paul Morris appointed as the HKIEd’s third Director

HKIEd’s Division of Continuing Professional Education offered its first Associate Degree programme: 2-year full-time Associate Degree of Science (Information Technology) Programme
June 2002 The University Grants Committee’s Teaching and Learning Quality Process Reviews (TLQPR) conducted intensive review of the HKIEd, and offered positive comments.
September 2002 The HKIEd Jockey Club Primary School admitted its first batch of students
November 2002 HKIEd’s first cohort of 4-year full-time Bachelor of Education students graduated 
April 2003 Dr Thomas Leung Kwok-fai was appointed as the second Chairman of the Council
October 2003 The University Grants Committee conducted Institutional Review on HKIEd for self-accreditation
March 2004 The Government announced granting HKIEd self-accrediting status, to take effect from 1 May 2004
April 2004 HKIEd celebrated its 10th Anniversary
July 2005 HKIEd and CUHK signed Agreement on Deep Collaboration
September 2005 HKIEd launched a Master of Education Programme
November 2005 HKIEd's first cohort of 4-year full-time Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Languages) students to graduate
June 2006 The Research Grants Council visited HKIEd
June 2007 HKIEd adopted Development Blueprint
  HKIEd submitted application for University Title to the Government
September 2007 HKIEd launched a Doctor of Education Programme

January 2008

Professor Anthony B. L. Cheung was appointed as the HKIEd's fourth President

HKIEd met with the University Grants Committee’s Review Group and elaborated on how a University Title would enable it to play a more effective role in education development both locally and in the Region

October 2008 HKIEd launched its 15th Anniversary Celebration
March 2009 HKIEd named its first Honorary Fellows
April 2009 Mr Pang Yiu-kai was appointed as the third Chairman of the Council
May 2009 HKIEd hosted the first "Asian Roundtable of Presidents of Universities of Education"
June 2009 HKIEd unveiled Strategic Plan 2009-12 and Beyond, following the Government’s endorsement of the stand-alone option proposed by the University Grants Committee’s Review Group for HKIEd to become an education-focused, research-strong and multi-disciplinary institution
January 2010 University Grants Committee’s endorsement of HKIEd’s proposal for Research Postgraduate (RPg) programmes and a Supplementary Academic Development Proposal (ADP) to introduce undergraduate programmes in the three newly identified complementary discipline areas of "Humanities", "Social Sciences", and "Creative Arts & Culture"
April 2010 Graduate School established
June 2010 HKIEd launched the Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy Programmes 
September 2010 HKIEd launched the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies and Bachelor of Social Sciences  (Honours) in Global and Environmental Studies Programmes
September 2011 HKIEd launched the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Arts and Culture Programme
December 2011 HKIEd conferred doctoral degrees on its first batch of Doctor of Education (EdD) graduates
January 2012 Submission of Report on Final Preparation for University Title to Government
September 2012 HKIEd launched the Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology Programme
September 2013 Professor Stephen Y. L. Cheung was appointed as the HKIEd's fifth President
November 2013 HKIEd launched its 20th Anniversary Celebration

HKIEd conferred doctoral degrees on its first batch of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and witnessed the graduation of the Institute’s first batch of non-Education Bachelor degree students, majoring in Language Studies and Global and Environmental Studies.
July 2014 HKIEd submitted its university title application to the Education Bureau
November 2014 HKIEd graduated the first batch of Bachelor of Arts degree students majoring in Creative Arts and Culture
2015 HKIEd ranked 3rd in Asia and 15th in the world in Education, according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015

Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Bachelor of Education (Honours) in History and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Secondary) in Mathematics programmes launched

83 programmes offered at Doctoral, Master and Bachelor levels, in Education and related Humanities, Social Sciences and Arts and Culture

165 externally funded research projects conducted with research funding of HK$136 million, representing a two-fold increase over five years in terms of the number of projects

UGC submitted its review report to the Education Bureau, recommending that a university title be awarded to the Institute
January 2016 The Chief Executive in Council approved that HKIEd be granted university title - The Education University of Hong Kong (香港教育大學)