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The Hong Kong Institute of Education
HKIEd is a university-level institution
offering teacher education and multidisciplinary programmes
at bachelor, master and doctoral levels.
Powering Education

The Hong Kong Institute of Education


When Propriety is Part of the Picture, What Does Morality Mean? Testing and Extending Moral Theory to ... ...


I would like to help in creating a collegial decision-making environment with other members of the Executive Committee ...

Programme Offerings

Master of Arts in Educational Counselling

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 Application Now!

23 Apr

Application Deadline: 20 April

 Application Now!

23 Apr

Application Deadline: 20 April

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20th Anniversary

Celebrating HKIEd's 20th Anniversary in 2014


每當我面對孩子們純淨的心靈的時候,如何保護他們免受不良的精神文化霧霾的侵襲,是擺在我們面前的一個艱巨任務... ...

Learning and Teaching

Comprehensive information on learning and teaching at the Institute … to share valuable ideas and strategies …

HKIEd news

The Institute seeks to reconnect with its alumni through activities such as walkathon, homecoming day and the highlight event, our ...

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