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Honorary Professor Lecture Series - "Post-National Industrialization in Southeast Asia" (Lecture by Dr. Greg Felker on 13 May 2013)

Organiser : Department of Social Sciences
Date : 2013-05-13
Time : 14:30 - 16:30
Venue : D2-LP-09, HKIEd Tai Po Campus
E-mail :
Tel : (852) 2948 8874

Department of Social Sciences will organise the Honorary Professor Lecture Series on 13 May 2013. Dr Greg Felker, Associate Professor, Politics, Asian & International Studies, Willamette University, will deliver a lecture entitle “Post-National Industrialization in Southeast Asia”.



Northeast Asia’s newly industrialized countries (NICs) used infant-industry policies to
propel national industries to global competitiveness, but Southeast Asia’s NICs have
depended heavily on foreign direct investment (FDI) to transform them from
resource-based economies to global manufactured exporters. This contrast leads many
to regard Southeast Asia’s industrialization as a partial or flawed emulation of the
capitalist developmental state. This paper develops an alternative, typological analysis
that characterizes Southeast Asia’s industrialization in terms of a distinct development
model termed “post-national industrialization”. At the heart of post-national
industrialization is a positive-sum “governance bargain” between transnational
corporations, host country governments, and subordinate local business interests.
Rather than seeking to promote the development of national capital and strengthen
national autonomy, Southeast Asia’s stronger states have complemented TNCs’ efforts to
build transnational governance systems that secure private appropriation of rents from
the deployment of advanced technology abroad. In return, local economies have been
repositioned in progressively more advantageous niches within rapidly evolving
international divisions of labor in key sectors, such as electronics and information


Dr. Greg B. Felker

Greg Felker is Associate Professor of Politics at Willamette University. He received his
MPA and Ph.D. from Princeton University, and has been a visitor at University of
Maryland, Chulalongkorn University, and the University of Western Australia. He has
published work on industrial and technology policy making in Malaysia, as well as on
the wider comparative and international political economy of Southeast Asia.



Mr LI Yu Wai Vic (Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences, HKIEd)



Dr HUI Lai Hang Dennis (Lecturer, Department of Social Sciences, HKIEd)