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The Hong Kong Institute of Education
The Chief Executive in Council has approved HKIEd be retitled
as “The Education University of Hong Kong” (EdUHK),
subject to the passage of the legislative amendments.
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The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Learning and Teaching
Learning a
Comprehensive information on learning and teaching at the Institute ... to share valuable ideas and strategies ...
The purpose of this study is two-fold: 1) to describe and analyze environmental aspects of the sustainability...
Student Wu Professor
Pak-yin has become a core member in planning and organising community activities for the youth in the district...
Professor Kapur received the 2016 Distinguished Alumnus Award for excellence in research and teaching in the learning
Dr Leung Y
去政治化的歷史教育在港英政府時代已經出現。當時中史課程的時限就是止於清朝歷史,目的就是避開當時大陸和台灣政治紛亂局面... ...
HKIEd embraces internationalisation for enriching students’ learning experience.
HKIEd news
HKIEd news
On 26 January 2016, the Chief Executive in Council (ExCo) approved that the Institute be granted university title...
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