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The Hong Kong Institute of Education
HKIEd is a university-level institution
offering teacher education and multidisciplinary programmes
at bachelor, master and doctoral levels.
Powering Education
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The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Learning and Teaching
Learning a
Comprehensive information on learning and teaching at the Institute ... to share valuable ideas and strategies ...
The Longit
This study will further help policy makers and school stakeholders evaluate the impact of current...
HKIEd Stud recognition of their contributions to the community and commitment to social services...
HKIEd embraces internationalisation for enriching students’ learning experience.
Mr Chong Y
名為「教育大學」,與現代教育理念接軌,即是每名學生個性獲得充分發揮,側重引導學生,因材施教,啟發潛能,符合以學生為中心的現代教育觀。再者,「教育大學」也擺脫了昔日師範為職業訓練所的狹隘形象... ...
HKIEd news
HKIEd news
The Institute’s leadership role in Education has been reaffirmed by the results of the 2015/16 research funding applications...
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