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The Hong Kong Institute of Education
HKIEd is a university-level institution
offering teacher education and multidisciplinary programmes
at bachelor, master and doctoral levels.
Powering Education

The Hong Kong Institute of Education


Linguistic Analysis of Mid-20th Century Hong Kong Cantonese by Constructing an Annotated Spoken Corpus


CESHK is a dynamic society with a strong regional presence. I am delighted to have this opportunity to be closely involved ...

Programme Offerings

Postgraduate Programmes 2014 Entry


 Application Now!

30 April

 Application Now!

30 April

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20th Anniversary

Celebrating HKIEd's 20th Anniversary in 2014


在香港,民粹主義的特點是沒有政治權力團體和政黨的形成,從而增加了他們的挫折和激進主義 ......

Learning and Teaching

Comprehensive information on learning and teaching at the Institute … to share valuable ideas and strategies …

HKIEd news

The Institute seeks to reconnect with its alumni through activities such as walkathon, homecoming day and the highlight event, our ...

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