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The Hong Kong Institute of Education
HKIEd is a university-level institution
offering teacher education and multidisciplinary programmes
at bachelor, master and doctoral levels.
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The Hong Kong Institute of Education

Learning and Teaching
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Comprehensive information on learning and teaching at the Institute ... to share valuable ideas and strategies ...
Subnational Dynamics of International Financial Outreach: Local States and China’s Financial Opening
Dr Emma Bu HKIEd Notc Dr Dani Wa
One’s culture is affected not only by society, but our upbringing and even workplace experiences...
Repeated “miracle catches” from the HKIEd goalkeeper in the final against IVE then gave the team...
Dani’s choice turned out to be life-changing, as both HKIEd and Hong Kong offered her endless possibilities...
20th Anniversary
20th Anniv
HKIEd 20th Anniversary Celebration
Dr Brian F
面對即將浮現的「二次前途問題」,香港人的「主體意識」,將是守護我城自治地位的最後防線——香港人必須建構和捍衛我城的「主體性」,爭取實現超越2047年的「永續自治」... ...
HKIEd news
HKIEd news
The Institute’s leadership role in Education has been reaffirmed by the results of the 2015/16 research funding applications...
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HKIEd embraces internationalisation for enriching students’ learning experience.