10:15:51 pm
2014/29/08 FRI
Equal Opportunities

What are HKIEd's guiding principles on equal opportunities?

In pursuing and maintaining policies on equal opportunities, the Institute will:

  1. Seek to be a centre of equal opportunity excellence within the Hong Kong community;
  2. Promote equal opportunities and the full participation of disadvantaged groups in higher education and be committed to the removal of barriers to equity;
  3. Adopt policies, and follow procedures and practices as required by local legislation;
  4. Implement and maintain management policies and process which promote equal opportunities practices and fairness in all aspects of campus life;
  5. Advance the notion of equal opportunities in all its courses and programmes;
  6. Develop and maintain an on-going mutually supportive relationship with the Hong Kong Equal Opportunities Commission.

Where Can You Get Information or Help?
If any staff member or student is concerned about any aspect of equal opportunity, they are welcome to call the enquiry hotline 2948 6012 for information, assistance or to speak directly to the Institute's Sexual Harassment Complaint Officer (SHCO).  The content of such conversations will be treated confidentially. 
For the relevant policy documents, please visit https://www.ied.edu.hk/registry/view.php?secid=2472

Enquiry hotline: 29486012