Faculty of Education and Human Development

Prof. MOK Mo Ching, Magdalena


Name: Prof. MOK Mo Ching, Magdalena
Post: Chair Professor of Assessment and Evaluation/Co-Director of Assessment Research Centre
Room: B1 - 2/F - 15
Tel: (852)2948 7704
 Magdalena Mo Ching Mok is Chair Professor of Assessment and Evaluation. She is also Co-Director of Assessment Research Centre at The Hong Kong Institute of Education. She completed her undergraduate study at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has MSc degree from the University of Glasgow and PhD degree from The University of Hong Kong. She is Editor of Educational Psychology: An International Journal of Experimental Educational Psychology.  She has won research grants from the Hong Kong Research Grants Council.  She works in the area of assessment and self-directed learning with a special interest in Self-directed Learning Oriented Assessment. She has published extensively in these areas and undertaken consultancy research projects tendered by governments in Australia and Hong Kong.
Highest degree obtained 
Ph.D., Education, School of Education, University of Hong Kong
Membership of professional societies
Member, Pacific Rim Objective Measurement Society
Distinguished Teacher Award 2003-4, The Hong Kong Institute of Education.
Highly Commended Award, Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2008, to the article: Cheng, Y. C., & Mok, M. M. C. (2007). School-based Management and Paradigm Shift in Education: An Empirical Study. International Journal of Educational Management, 21(6&7), 517-542.
Quantitative Research Methods in Educational Psychology
Assessment and Evaluation

Recent research grants
Building a New Methodology of Assessment of Differential Item Functioning. Funded by Research Grants Council General Research Fund Grant No. 844110 (2010-2012) (PI: Wang W. C.; CoI: Mok, M. M. C.)

Teachers’ Beliefs Inventory and correlates of teachers’ beliefs (2005-2008), funded by HKIEd Internal Research Grant. (PI: CY Chien; Co-PI: MMC Mok)

Investigating the psychometric property of the Woodcock Mastery Reading Tests-Revised (WMRT-R) and its appropriateness for use with Primary School Students in Hong Kong (2006-2007), funded by HKIEd Internal Research Grant. (PI: ACK Cheung; Co-PI: I Siu, TG Bond, MMC Mok)

Optimising the potential of Hong Kong students: harnessing the interaction between psychological variables and student achievement (2009-2012), funded by Research Grants Council General Research Fund Grant No. 842509. (PI: McInerney D M; Co-Is: MMC Mok, PY Lai, RWY Cheng)

Project in Assessment (2005-2008), funded by Education and Manpower Bureau HKSAR (PI: MMC Mok)

Consultancy in past three years
Revised Assessment Package for Affective and Social Outcomes (2008-2010), funded by Education Bureau, HKSAR. (PI: MMC Mok; Co-I: TG Bond, WO Lee, AYP Lee, CM Leung, & TW Yu).
School-Based Management for Hong Kong Catholic Schools (2007-2008), funded by Hong Kong Catholic Education Board. (PI: MMC Mok; Co-I: NK Chan, SY Chiu, CK Lau).
Expert Member, Questionnaire Development, (2009-2010),  PISA.
Member, Catholic Education Development Committee (CEDC) (2007-2010)
Council Member, HK Examinations and Assessment Authority (2001-2007)
Selected recent publications
i) Refereed Journal Articles

Mok, M. M. C., & Lam, H. M. Y. (2011). Assessment of language development of preschoolers:  Validating Morrow’s Checklist for assessing early literacy development. Early Child Development and Care, 181(2), 203 – 220.

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Mok, M. M. C. (2010). Alternative explanations for the Confucian Asian high performance and high self doubt paradox: Commentary on “Unforgiving Confucian culture: A breeding ground for high academic achievement, test anxiety and self-doubt?” by Lazar Stankov.  Learning and Individual Differences, 20(6), 564-566.

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ii) Book

Mok, M. M. C. (2010). Self-directed Learning Oriented Assessment: Assessment that Informs Learning & Empowers The Learner. Pace Publications Ltd. (144 pages)

iii) Book Chapters

Kennedy, K. J., Mok, M. M. C., & Wong, M. Y. W. (2011, accepted). Developing Political Trust in Adolescents: Is there a Role for Schools? In B. R. Curtis (Ed.). The Psychology of Trust.  Nova Science Publishers.

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iv) Electronic Resource

Mok, M. M. C. (2008). [electronic resource] Applications of Rasch Model (1 computer optical disc). Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Institute of Education.