Faculty of Education and Human Development

About Us

The Hong Kong Institute of Education is experiencing an exciting phase of development. As a strategic development within the Education-plus framework, the Department of Psychological Studies was established in January, 2010 to give greater breadth and depth to the study of psychology within current and emerging undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Currently, academics in the Department have strong expertise in educational psychology, especially in relation to educational assessment and student learning and motivation. Other areas of growing strength include cognitive psychology, child and adolescent psychology, aging, positive psychology, cross-cultural psychology, health psychology, and social and cultural psychology.

Closely linked with the Department is the Assessment Research Centre, an Institute-level research centre specializing in cutting-edge issues in psychometrics and assessment, and Centre for Psychosocial Health and Ageing, a Faculty-level research centre with a mission to develop  cutting-edge  research programs  that  will  (a)  transform  thinking  about  population  aging  through optimizing the psychosocial aspects of aging and health, and (b) inform private and  public  sector  policy.

In the next few years, the Department expects to expand into other areas in psychology through strategic recruitment in order to service a broad range of courses within an increasingly multidisciplinary institution in line with the Institute’s plan to become a University of Education.
Our Vision
The Department of Psychological Studies aspires to be a leader in the Asia-Pacific region of psychology in education and related fields, and be at the cutting edge of scientific research, development, and teaching in psychology.
Our Mission
  • To contribute to public understanding of psychology and its applications in education and beyond
  • To promote human development, learning, health, and well-being through high quality education, research, and services
  • To nurture students into becoming intellectually competent through scientific studies of human behavior, emotion, and thought
  • To cultivate in students professional ethics, a sense of social responsibility, cultural sensitivity, and good citizenship in a globalized world
  • To engage in high quality and impactful research both within and across disciplines
  • To cultivate collegiality and support for the career development of staff