HKIEd’s New GE will begin with the new student cohort (HKDSE cohort) under the 3-3-4/5 framework, in September 2012. It is divided into three parts: Foundation, Breadth and Consolidation.

The Foundation Course (Perspectives on Persons, Society, World) is a 6-cp course that will run for the whole academic year and, will be taken by every first year student from the HKDSE cohort at HKIEd. The FC will be taught as a series of lectures and tutorials. Lectures will be given by eminent senior scholars, and will introduce students to a range of disciplines and topics across different knowledge domains. In 2012-13, the topics to be presented will be based around the following themes:
The FC tutorials will be small-class environments in which students sharpen their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills by learning to think critically about the issues presented in the lectures. These activities will help students conceptualize and integrate their thinking, and prepare them for further study in their degree programmes.

The Breadth area contains the majority of the courses with a great variety of topics. Offering over 80 electives each year, the Breadth area will extend students’ intellectual perspectives by inviting them to explore more focused topics across the major fields of knowledge; for example, arts and humanities, social sciences, and science and technology. The Breadth area in the new GE can be commenced only upon students’ successful completion of the Foundation Course. It consists of three strands, namely, (1) Persons, Interpretations, Perspectives, (2) Community, Society, Culture and (3) Nature, Science, Technology. Students will normally take four Breadth courses including at least one course from each of the strands, with the total number of credit points amounts to 12 cps.

The Consolidation Course will be taken by students in the third or fourth year of study upon their successful completion of the Breadth courses. It is a “capstone” course which requires students nearing the end of their undergraduate studies both to reflect critically on their experience – within GE, in their disciplinary, professional and co-curricular studies, and in their lives beyond the classroom – and to develop an integrated view of how and where they position themselves in relation to their future goals, plans, and aspirations. Students in the Consolidation Course will be required to submit a reflective essay annotated by an e-portfolio which they will develop from their first year of study at HKIEd. Students will be divided into small study groups of five, each supervised by a Consolidation Course Advisor. Within their study groups, students will report the progress of their work and participate as critical friends to one another in the construction of their essays.