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教學難題﹕近視眼戴老花鏡 孫旭花博士 PDF file
「盲點變為視點」之教學嘗試 勞傅燕華博士 PDF file
利用教材的特色去選取學習內容 盧敏玲教授 PDF file
如何讓小學生學會分段 高寶玉博士 PDF file
參與評課活動的所見所思-如何引導學生欣賞新詩之比喻 黃晶榕先生 PDF file
如何有層次地描述圖片 李明鳳小姐 PDF file
商業科「折扣」的計算 姚偉梅博士 PDF file
如何選取最有價值的學習內容? 高寶玉博士 PDF file
教學活動的設計對學習的影響 盧敏玲教授 PDF file
「比較」是鑒別的條件 孫旭花博士 PDF file
切中實踐 優化教學 曾文婕博士 PDF file
香港的課堂學習研究予我的啟發 周俐莎小姐 PDF file
從訪談找出設計課堂方向 陳穎欣小姐 PDF file
只關注教學安排能優化學習嗎? 盧敏玲教授 PDF file
課室管理的治本方法 盧敏玲教授 PDF file
提問要有方向性 盧敏玲教授 PDF file
觀課能優化課堂教與學嗎? 盧敏玲教授 PDF file
Lesson Demonstration
*** 以上內容只是節目開首的一分鐘片段。 如欲收看整個節目,請登入 申請戶口
Lesson Study Symposium
C&I Colloquium 17 April 2007
Opportunities for Teachers' Professional Development through Lesson Studies – comparing Japan, Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR
Powerpoint of sharing session on 9 July 2005 (Chinese session) (Chinese Text only)
Primary 5 (Chinese): The usage of semicolon in complex sentence with coordinate clause(LS symposium on 25 June 2005) (Chinese Text only)
Primary 2(Chinese): Children Poem (Choi Wan St. Joesph Primary School (A.M.) (Collection of Poem-PDF format) (Chinese Text only)
Trends in International Maths and Science Study: Reflections on an 8th grade Japanese Maths lesson (PDF version)
(Power ppt. 1) (Power ppt. 2) (Power ppt. 3)
A Handbook on Lesson Observation and Conferencing for Primary School Teachers
  Developing Lesson Conferencing Skills
These materials were produced as part of the Progressive and Innovative Primary Schools (PIPS) Project, conducted at the Hong Kong Institute of Education, from 2001 - 2004 , by the Centre for Learning-study And School Partnership (CLASP) and sponsored by the Hong Kong Quality Education Fund.